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ASTD nieuwsjournaal: dinsdag 24 mei 2011

2 juni 2011

Weet je welkom bij dit videojournaal van de derde ASTD congresdag, dinsdag 24 mei 2011 waar het afscheid van Donald Kirkpatrick bij ons alle drie een grote indruk heeft achtergelaten. Ook blijkt niet alleen Kirkpatrick een familiebedrijf: Covey en Pike kunnen er ook wat van. Tony Schwartz is een hoogtepunt, evenals een model dat Citrix biedt over formeel en informeel leren (maar wat we vervolgens nergens on-line kunnen vinden 😉

Don(ald) Kirkpatrick’s afscheid en laatste sessie

This interactive, enjoyable, and practical session is presented by the originator of the Kirkpatrick Four Levels training evaluation model. The session will focus on how to evaluate training courses and programs. You will also learn the requirements for an effective program, reasons to evaluate, and guidelines and tools for each of the four levels: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and Results. This session is designed for managers, learning facilitators, and trainers.

  • Effectively evaluate learning programs using key requirements
  • Use the four levels to evaluate any course or program.

Need more? Download deze hand-out.


Bob Pike: Secrets of a Master Trainer: Moving from Average to Amazing!

What does it take to go from average to awesome? In this session, the speaker will reveal the secrets that have caused him to be known as “the Trainer’s Trainer” since 1969. It begins with knowing the real purpose of training, understanding how participants learn best, and understanding the power of “divide and conquer.” In this fast-paced, participant-centered session, you’ll explore memory and learning, examine group dynamics, and identify the three people who can really make training transfer–two of whom never come to class! Explore what it takes to consistently add value and make a difference as a trainer, whenther in the classroom or online.

  • Select five specific action ideas for your next program
  • Examine three ways to convert lecture-based training to participant-centered training.

Need more? Download deze hand-out.


Tony Schwartz! Transforming the Way We Work: The New Rules of Engagement

The Energy Project offers organizations a detailed blueprint for fueling a fully engaged workforce.  Rather than trying to get more out of their employees, employers are better served by meeting people’s multi-dimensional needs, so they’re fully engaged, fueled and motivated to bring the best of themselves to work every day.

  • Learn a scientifically-based paradigm for how to work (and live) in a way that is more productive and more satisfying.
  • Understand the four key needs you must meet in order to perform at your best.
  • Learn clarity around the characteristics of the “Performance Zone” and what pushes us into the “Survival Zone”.
  • Find insight into the unique power of singularly absorbed attention and how to cultivate it.
  • Learn the secret to regularly renewing your energy even when demand is high and time is scarce.

Need read? Lees mijn blog over deze geweldige sessie.


David Wentworth: Web 3.0 and the Transformation of Learning

In this session, you will hear about how the learning profession defines Web 3.0 and how it envisions the incorporation of these technologies into the learning function. You’ll learn about the degree to which high-performing organizations have already adopted Web 2.0 technologies into the learning function, their plans for Web 3.0 technologies, and how this is likely to play out in the future. The speakers will focus on three key components of Web 3.0: the Mobile Web, the Semantic or “Smart” Web, and the Immersive Web or “Immernet.” You’ll learn how the L&D community views these components, the degree to which they have already been adopted, and their future plans for adoption. You’ll also see data on the differences between high- and low-performing in terms of an approach to Web 3.0 for creating excellent learning environments.

  • Understand how Web 3.0 is defined, how it’s currently being used by practitioners, and what the barriers to usage and implementation are
  • Learn how Web 3.0 will be instituted three to five years from now and test the degree to which you agree with these forecasts
  • Learn how Web 3.0 will change the learning paradigm for higher learning and market performance within organizations.

Smaakt dit naar meer? Download zijn hand-out.

2 reacties leave one →
  1. 26 juli 2011 06:27

    hoi Jacqueline,

    Donald, de grandfather van het Kirkpatrick imperium moet ruim in de 80 zijn. De meest indrukwekkende beelden van zijn plenaire huldiging (“please stand to honour Donald Kirkpatrick’s invaluable contribution to our field”, sprak ASTD voorzitter Tony Bingham en 7000 ASTD gangers geven Donald een staande ovatie) heb ik niet online kunnen vinden.

    Dank voor je compliment. Ik vind het fijn te horen dat het je meeneemt in het evenement. Dat was onze missie namelijk en het doet me goed dat die zo uitpakt.

  2. 25 juli 2011 20:21

    Hoi Evert, wat heb je dit mooi samengevat. Ik was er niet bij, maar krijg echt gevoel en sfeer erbij. Hoe oud is Kirk Patrick als hij 60 jaar getrouwd is met zijn vrouw??


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