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ASTD nieuwsjournaal: woensdag 25 mei 2011

2 juni 2011

Weet je welkom bij dit videojournaal van de vierde en laatste ASTD congresdag, woensdag 25 mei 2011. Met hoogtepunten van Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience en David Rock’s Your Brain at Work. En, natuurlijk, ook een teleurstelling.

Ed Ruggero over Leadership at Gettysburg

Author and historian Ed Ruggero takes the audience to 1863 and one of the pivotal battles of the Civil War. Participants meet the commanders and see how their leadership was tested by imperfect information, impossible timeliness and high-stakes decisions.  The result: a new understanding of leadership, teamwork and communication.

  • Analyze how leaders can make good decisions amid Ill-defined conditions, incomplete information and high pressure.
  • Assess the challenges of decision-making and communication in organizations.
  • Evaluate communications strategies successful leaders use to share their vision for success and get everyone pulling in same direction.

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience from ed ruggero on Vimeo.

David Rock over Building a Brain Based Organization

Organizations spend significant time and money trying to make staff more effective, using dashboards that provide minute-by-minute performance metrics or designing open-plan offices to improve collaboration. But are those measures really helping staff be more effective, or are they a misplaced spending of dollars? In this session, explore key findings from the latest brain research on what drives productivity and engagement. The speaker will guide you in taking a fresh look at many of long-held traditions around organizing work, managing time, laying out physical space, and collaborating in teams.

David Rock – Building a Brain Based Organization

Disney over hun aanpak van Story Telling

The power of “story” has been an ever-present force in the nearly hundred-year history of the Walt Disney Company. Today, storytelling is considered a critical and relevant leadership and training tool for gaining emotional buy-in from stakeholders and employees. The impact of effective storytelling is felt by large and small organizations around the world. Learn how Disney uses the elements of storytelling to pass on the culture that keeps its business-world class. Explore how effective trainers use storytelling to help engage and motivate learners. Through this Disney Institute program, you will discover how you can translate your organization’s culture in a meaningful way and increase your training effectiveness through the power of storytelling. Why? Because people will be listening.

  • Use storytelling as a tool to strengthen your organization’s culture
  • Use the elements of storytelling to build effective stories
  • Focus on creating and telling stories to inspire and engage learners.

Jammergenoeg had Disney geen hand-out tijdens de sessie, noch on-line. Je moet het hiermee doen!

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